Nothing is more frustrating than lock issues. Like a flat tire on a rainy day, it never happens at the ideal time...and always feels like an emergency. We understand. So we’ve built a locksmith business on speed of service with high-quality technicians who will get the job complete on the first visit. Our goal is to get you back to the business of life and work as quickly as possible. Whether you need help with residential, commercial, or those frustrating car lock-outs we can help.

Automotive Locksmith

Do you want to hear a funny story? It was my first real car date. I picked up my girlfriend for dinner and a movie. The evening was going great. She was laughing at all my stories, the meal was excellent, and I hadn’t done anything embarrassing...yet. We made it to the movies with no incidents until the movie was over. I went to open her door and the keys were sitting inside the locked car. We spent the next hour waiting inside the lobby of the theater until a locksmith arrived.

A fast, affordable locksmith would have minimized my awkward first date.

We are 24/7 and can help with

  • Vehicle Locked Out
  • Vehicle Key Replacement
  • Ignition Rekey

If you are looking for keyless entries and digital locks on your home, we can do that as well.

replacement car keys
keys in house door

Residential Locksmith

Remember the time you came home from a long day at work, but couldn’t find your house key. You could picture exactly where it was. Sitting on your office desk, mocking you for your lapse in memory. You scramble around looking for the spare. Nothing under the mat. Nothing under the flowerpot. You are stuck, and no one is coming home to help any time soon.

This is where we shine and are only a phone call away no matter what time of day (and our prices will make you happy too).

For homes we offer:

  • Locked Out
  • Lock Replacement
  • Key Replacement

If you are looking for keyless entries and digital locks on your home, we can do that as well.

Commercial Locksmith

Time is money in your business. Each minute you can’t open the doors costs you money. Lock-outs happen every day in commercial settings. And they can be complicated when dealing with keyless entries and security systems. Because every second counts toward your revenue, we can respond quickly, and get you back to work fast, even with keyless entry systems.

When your business in trapped by lock and key problems, we can solve:

  • Master Key Replacement
  • Office Key Replacement
  • Safe And Lock Box
  • Security
  • Keyless Entry
  • Pad Locks
  • Commercial Door Locks